Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I attach the helmet mirror clamp to the helmet correctly?"

Answer: You should be able to put it on by slipping the rear of the bracket under the inside of the helmet at the front/left side under the lip of the helmet. Now pull it up to clamp on the outside of the helmet and squeeze it into place. It should be firm, yet not too tight!


Q: How do I adjust the helmet mirror and tighten the screw correctly?

Answer: Our helmet mirror is easy to adjust. The wire is flexible, and is easily bent to your preferred view. You can also adjust the mirror from side to side. Just touch your ear and turn the mirror until you see your fingertip. Hand tighten nut to lock in place. Once the mirror is adjusted, it stays adjusted! The video on the homepage helps explain the process if you need further instruction.


Q: How do I adjust the handlebar mirror and tighten the screw correctly?

Answer: Remove plug from the end of your handlebar where the mirror is desired. Loosen tension nut and separate mirror & shim from bar insert. Attempt to insert shim into opening of your bar. If the shim does not fit, please discard. Place the bar insert (with or without shim) into the handlebar opening as far as possible. Using a 3mm Allen Wrench, tighten the hex screw on bar insert. Re-attach mirror onto the bar insert and adjust the mirror as desired. Fully tighten the tension nut and ride!


Q: What are the specifications and requirements for sending in my logo

orartwork to be applied to the back of the mirror?

Answer: Please email a 300 dpi, high-resolution JPG, PNG, or PDF measuring at least 2.5 x 2.5 inches for the helmet mirror and 4.0 x 4.0 inches for the handlebar mirror to Remember, the quality of the picture you send is the quality you will get when your mirror is completed. For this reason, images pulled from the Internet are not accepted. Need help? We offer optimization and/or creation of your logo for a small design & setup fee. Please contact us for your FREE custom mirror quote today!


Please Note: When adjusting your helmet mirror, do not use the mirror to adjust wire.

Also, once nut is tightened on both mirrrors, please do not attempt to further adjust mirror. Doing either of these will possibly result in damage to your mirror & void your warranty.

Warranty Information

Our mirrors come with a standard

1-Year Warranty that holds up to any manufacturer defects. If you have any problems with your mirror, just send it back to us with proof of purchase and we'll replace it at no cost to you.


Send any mirror that you may

have an issue with to:


Monkey Mirrors

5917 Neon Avenue

North Port, FL 34291


Please include a detailed description

of your issue and/or problem, along

with your name, address and telephone number. Also, please remember to

include a proof of purchase. Thank you!

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